Sample Itinerary

Hi, Captain Joe here! Settle back in your chairs, pick up your favorite drink, put on your flip flops and favorite hat. Imagine yourself arriving in the BVI. Think of where you would like to go, places you have heard about and places your friends have said not to miss. Here is a sampling for you to plan around. After looking through all the possibilities y9u will jot down a few important ones and send them on to me. I will turn them into a general itinerary.

Day 1

Your Sea Of Love vacation will begin around noon and the British Virgin Islands awaits. As you sip your welcome drink, Capt. Joe will discuss the goals for the day…lunch, group activities and where we would most likely spend the first night based upon yur requests and itinerary suggested in advance.  After which, you will have some time to stow your belonging or sun yourself on deck as you sail out of your first harbor. Now it’s time to leave your everyday life behind you. The first stop on your BVI sailing itinerary might be an easy reach to The Bight at Norman Island.

By the time you reach Norman Island, chances are you will be ready to eat. Carol will serve you one of her Fusion delights for lunch.

Norman Island is believed to have inspired the Robert Lewis Stevenson classic, Treasure Island.  To go to The Caves, in which real treasure was found, Capt. Joe will take you along to the rocky shore line to Treasure Point on the southern tip of The Bight.

Don’t forget snorkeling gear as you head to the northernmost Cave that goes back 70’ to a small room.

Or……. if you are in the mood for some wild fun, the Captain will take you in the dingy to the Willy-T (William Thornton) Floating Bar & Restaurant. Forewarned is forearmed, so keep your kids out of the Willy-T bar when things start to really rock. That is, if you’d rather they didn’t discover body shots!

After dinner onboard, relax and unwind from your flight as you get fully acclimated to your new home for the next few days.

Day 2

Today you wake up in Paradise! Hopefully you are fully rested and enjoying the sound of the water gently lapping up against the hull. Let the smell of freshly brewed coffee and freshly cut fruit entice you out of bed.

This is the morning to sail to Peter Island and pick up a mooring ball. If you are a scuba diver, then your crew may have arranged a rendezvous dive off Salt Island. This island is home to the Wreck of the Rhone and is a wonderful dive site. The British Virgin Islands and the Rhone where made famous in 1977 as the location for the movie, “The Deep”. No matter how many times you dive on the Rhone, you will still find something new.

That afternoon, relax at Peter Island’s gorgeous beach, a truly beautiful setting of palm trees and white sand . This is a quiet overnight spot, and is the perfect place to sit on deck and look at the stars.

Day 3

Leaving Peter Is behind you, passing the Wreck of the Rhone to starboard, it is a short sail to Cooper Island. Cooper Is has recently gone through a major refit and is simply a beautiful island getaway. The food in our opinion is among the best in the outer islands. They have a new Rum bar and now offer their own home brewed draft beer. An excellent snorkel location as well as a fine place to break out the paddle boards and kayaks.

Day 4

It’s now time to sail to Virgin Gorda to visit The Baths. This is one stop that no one wants to miss. The rock formations are magnificent!

If you are a strong swimmer, snorkeling to The Baths is a wonderful way to see all the coral formations. If not, the Captain will take you to the dingy line near the beach.

Later that day, North Sound, Virgin Gorda will be a relaxing break from the day's adventures. There are many restaurants and bars located there. Carol will help guide you to the type of food and entertainment you will enjoy. Leverick Bay, Saba Island and the Bitter End are our favorites. During season Pirate Michael Beans puts on his infamous Pirate show at Leverick Bay. Truly a family favorite.

Day 5

Today you can either explore Marina Cay, or sail to Anegada for the night.

Marina Cay is the subject of author Robb White’s novel, “Two on the Isle”. Should you be in the mood for a dive, Dive BVI has a dive shop nearby on Scrub Island.

Anegada is the only major coral island within the BVI. This island features amazing beaches, an immense barrier reef, salt ponds, flamingos, rock iguanas, fabulous sunsets and delicious lobster dinners. If you want to feel like you are the only people in the world……this is the island to sail to.

At this point in your yachting vacation, there is still so much left to experience.

Day 6

Whether you chose to stay at Marina Cay or sailed to Anegada you will now be on the North side of Tortola and you have many choices! Talk to Capt. Joe before you decide between Cane Garden Bay or sailing directly to Jost Van Dyke. Both offer something for everyone. It can be a hard choice. Maybe you should let the weather and sea conditions make the decision for you. It’s all part of the fun of a personalized sailing experience aboard Sea of Love.

Day 7

Oh my, the vacation is coming to a close. If you stayed in Cane Garden Bay, it will be time to sail over to White Bay, Jost Van Dyke: with possible stopovers at Sandy Cay and Little Jost Van Dyke. If you are in the mood to explore on land, Capt. Joe will take you to Jost’s east end and Foxy’s Taboo on Diamond Cay, where you can follow the “goat trail” to Bubbly Pool. It’s a great spot to visit at high tide.

Now you are faced with another hard decision.  Where do you want the crew to take you on your last night aboard?

Day 8

Early in the morning, it's time for the Sea of Love to sail you back to the return destination of your choice.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Your seven days have flown by and you realize that a week of sailing in the BVI isn’t enough. Start planning next year’s itinerary aboard the Sea of Love> and incorporate all the places you missed or have heard about from fellow vacationers along your journey. We hope you have had a wonderful time!